Piano Nail Art


Using Models Own in Grey Day and Snow White, and Models Own nail art pen in black.

For my first nail art in a while I’ve gone with a piano keys design. A little time-consuming for all of the black detail but not particularly difficult. I chose a grey base as I’m a little obsessed with grey at the moment; I think about a quarter of the nail varnishes I currently own are just different shades of grey…



I’ve been thinking a lot about Nerdfighteria lately. On Sunday I went to Cadogan Hall for my first Nerdfighter Gathering, with my friend Caroline (who introduced me to the VlogBrothers; her Tumblr about YouTube is here), and got to see John and Hank Green in real life. It was a wonderful day: Hank sang, John read from The Fault in Our Stars, and Maureen Johnson joined them for a Q & A. Hank did some Watsky. John slapped Hank. 500 Miles by The Proclaimers was sung. And I got my An Abundance of Katherines signed and Hanklerfished. In addition to this awesomeness, Nerdfighteria has been at the forefront of my mind due to the last two episodes of Becoming YouTube (an excellent documentary which can be seen here), which have been almost entirely about the VlogBrothers and the ‘accidental movement’ surrounding them.

These episodes (Episodes 5 and 6) talk about the definition of a Nerdfighter, the kind of people who become Nerdfighters, and the good and bad facets of Nerdfighteria. The main things that struck me, in Episode 5 especially, was how Nerdfighteria is perceived by those who do not define themselves as Nerdfighters, and how those who are outside of the movement are perhaps more aware of the negative impacts of Nerdfighteria than those within it.

I myself have only recently become a Nerdfighter, but before then I didn’t know what one was, who the VlogBrothers were, or even what a YouTuber was. As such I have no experience of being on the outside of Nerdfighteria looking in, because I didn’t know that there was an outside. But as soon as I knew what a Nerdfighter was, I became one; Nerdfighteria is just where I belong.

But I can see how Nerdfighteria may appear to those who are not citizens. And I don’t think that this is a perception problem, really, as in ‘people are scared of things they don’t understand’, a statement which I very rarely make due to disliking it intensely. The central concept of a Nerdfighter is not a difficult one to grasp; we just want to be awesome and not suck, right? (I’d never actually heard a definition of ‘Nerdfighter’ involving a liking of Doctor Who or Harry Potter until Becoming YouTube; is that really a thing?)

As was touched on in Becoming YouTube, all groups of people have a small minority who are, erm, d**ks. Maybe our catchphrase is ‘Don’t forget to be awesome!’ because it is such an easy thing to forget to be. And just because Nerdfighters are supposed to be made of awesome doesn’t mean that they can’t occasionally be giant squids of anger, or even Decepticons.

The last sentence is probably part of the problem as well. Nerdfighteria is a world of in-jokes, a world where non-Nerdfighters, and, indeed, any Nerdfighter who hasn’t seen EVERY SINGLE ONE of the VlogBrothers videos (which is the majority of us, I presume) will often feel at best bemused, and at worst, completely left out, by all of the ‘DFTBA’s, ‘Hanklerfish’ and ‘Who the F is Hank’?s. And there can sometimes be a sort of snobbery in Nerdfighteria, a bit of looking down on someone who just doesn’t get it all.

I have been guilty of this myself, when Caroline didn’t understand why I was so excited about finding Peeps in London. But my knowledge of Peeps does not make me a better nerdfighter than her, and my goal of seeing every single VlogBrothers video (I currently have around 200 to go) will not make me a better Nerdfighter. I am just a Nerdfighter. There is no scale of awesome.

So if some of what I have said in this blog does not make sense to you, that is fine. If you are interested, feel free to ask me, or ask Google, or visit the VlogBrothers YouTube channel. But you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter; it won’t make you a better person, and it doesn’t mean you can’t be a Nerdfighter. And you don’t have to be a Nerdfighter if you don’t want to. None of this is particularly important.

All that matters is that we try to be as awesome as we can.