Avengers Nail Art

Using Barry M Cobalt Blue and Spring Green, Rimmel Rapid Ruby and Perfect Plum, Jessica Starlight Starbright, Models Own Snow White, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Stripe & Sparkle in red, and Models Own nail art pens in white, yellow and black.

A quick and simple Avengers theme this week; we have Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow assembled.


50/50 Nail Art

Using Barry M Foil Effects in Silver, Barry M in Cobalt Blue and Models Own Nail Art Pen in black.

A nice quick design this week, after my time-consuming Doctor Who obsession. This design has plenty of opportunities for variation; will definitely try it again.


Doctor Who Nail Art (Attempt 2)

Using Jessica in Starlight Starbright, Barry M Foil Effects in Silver, Barry M in Blueberry Ice Cream and Models Own nail art pens in black, white, yellow and blue.

This week’s nail art is, I believe, a slight improvement on my Doctor Who attempt 1 a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still not entirely happy with it. As you can see, I now have a silver nail varnish, which is much more useful for the Cyberman and K-9 nails, and I decided to avoid using the white nail art pen too much as last time it looked like I’d attacked my nails with Tipp-Ex. Much preferring these Dalek hemisphere colours but oddly the TARDIS nail, which is the only one I’ve left unchanged, is worse this time round. Sigh.

By the Christmas special I’ll have the perfect Doctor Who nails.



Review: Paralympics

I have, I think, left the house twice over the past eleven days. My Paralympic watching has been just as marathonic as my Olympic watching, thanks to Channel 4’s definitive coverage.

I’ve never had the opportunity to watch so much Paralympic sport before, and I’m extremely grateful for it. We had a team of knowledgeable,Ā  interesting presenters and pundits, some new and some experienced, and although I think they all started slightly shakily they grew into their roles and I got to really enjoy their contribution to the Games. I especially loved Clare Balding (of course), Daraine Mulvihill, Ade Adepitan, Iwan Thomas and Danny Crates. My favourite however, was Giles Long. You know in the Olympics how I got a little obsessed with Ian Thorpe’s punditry and ended up watching a heck of a lot of swimming because of it? Exact same thing happened again. Long was extremely informative, making sense of the categories and the challenges facing the swimmers, and is extra-specially awesome as he invented LEXI, the rather excellent guide to classifications which Channel 4 took and ran with throughout the Games.

As well as swimming I watched sitting volleyball, 5- and 7-a-side football, boccia, equestrian, wheelchair basketball, track and field, fencing, wheelchair rugby, cycling, tennis, table tennis and judo. I always love the athletics and this year didn’t disappoint, but I also loved the wheelchair rugby. I really enjoyed watching it; it was fast, relatively easy to understand, exciting and quite dangerous. I really hope to be able to continue watching it after the end of the Games.

As to favourite moments, it was a Paralympics full of them, but I loved watching David Weir and Sophie Christiansen winning all their Golds and Ellie Simmonds racing in the pool. I discovered Richard Whitehead this year and was so impressed with him completely changing his events to be able to compete in London; his 200m was one of my favourite races. I’m a bit of an Oscar Pistorius fan, so his ‘losses’ in the 100m and 200m and comments after the latter were a bit of a low for me, although I think all the excitement and competition can only be good for the sport, and maybe his comments will help encourage further clarification of just what is and isn’t fair when it comes to running with blades. (I currently have the opinion that running with blades does not give you an advantage over able-bodied opponents and that blades should be the same length as your normal everyday prosthetics, but I want clever people to tell me definitively whether I’m right or wrong.) But I was so glad to see him put it behind him and win gold quite spectacularly in the 400m, which may have been my absolute favourite moment of the Games and made up for all that came before.

I don’t really think I can end this post without saying that The Opening Ceremony was my favourite of all ceremonies. I’m perfectly happy with celebrations of literature and music, but put on a celebration of science and I am ecstatic. The Closing Ceremony was pretty good too, and a great end to London 2012, Ā although I found it a bit too Coldplay-heavy. I quite like the band, but it felt like the Ceremony was over 50% Coldplay, which I was not completely comfortable with.

I’m certainly going to make more of an effort to watch and support all these sports I have discovered (or re-discovered after a four year break); I don’t want to be watching Rio in 2016 and saying ‘Oh, I remember him; I liked him last time’ or ‘I’m looking forward to seeing this sport again’. I want to know what’s been happening in the four year gap. I hope increased TV coverage can help me with this; I hope the events and the crowds of the last couple of weeks is evidence enough that there is a market for and an interest in ‘disability’ sports. I always look forward to the Olympics and Paralympics, not one or the other but both, as a summer of great sport with a gap in it. I don’t want the two events to be merged or anything, I don’t think that would work, but I would like to see them, and their sports, treated the same way in terms of coverage. I honestly see no reason why they shouldn’t be.


Blue and Spotty Nail Art

Using Barry M in Blueberry Ice Cream and Cobalt Blue, Jessica in Starlight Starbright and Models Own Nail Art Pens in black and blue.

I got a new blue nail varnish last week (the cobalt blue) so I wanted to try it out, and I thought I’d try spots since I used them for Dalek hemispheres in the Doctor Who Nail Art last week and wanted to get some practice in.

I quite like spotty nails; I’ll probably do this again at some point.


Doctor Who Nail Art (Attempt 1)

Using Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in blue, Miss Sporty in grey, Jessica in Starlight Starbright and Models Own nail art pens in white, black, blue and yellow.

I’m not particularly happy with my first attempt at Doctor Who themed nails so I’ll probably try again in the next couple of weeks. From left to right we have the Doctor Who symbol, Cyberman eyes, a TARDIS, an upside-down K-9 symbol and Dalek hemispheres, although the latter hasn’t shown up in the image at all.